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Title: Demand and utilisation of labour analgesia service by Nigerian women
Authors: Imarengiaye, C.O
Ande, A.B.
Issue Date: Feb-2006
Publisher: J Obstet Gynaecol 
Series/Report no.: 26(2);130-2.
Abstract: This study sought to determine the clinical correlatesof the demand and utilisation of labour analgesia resources by Nigerian women in labour. All consenting women were interviewed on arrival at the Unit and while in labour. Biodata, options for relief of labour pain, request for analgesia, method of analgesia, VAS score and cervical score at time ofrequest for analgesia were obtained. A total of 288 women in labour were studied. Of these, 108 (37.5%) patients were aware that the pain of labour can be relievedbut only 26.0% had prenatal information on labour analgesia. However, 85.1% of the patients would want their pain of labour relieved. A total of 112 (38.9%) did receive analgesia during labour. Cervical dilatation of <4 cm at presentation to the Unit and nulliparity were likely factors for pain treatment during labour (p = 0.001, chi2 test). There is poor utilisation of labour analgesia services. Improved antenatal information on labour analgesia may boost the utilisation of these resources by Nigerian women in labour.  
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