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Title: Men’s View of Female Scientists Work/Life Balance at the University of Benin., Nigeria.
Authors: Alutu, A. N. G.
Ogbe, F. M.
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Journal of Human Ecology, India
Abstract: Gender mainstreaming, that is, the consistent use of a gender perspective at all stages of development and implementation of plans, policies and programmes is becoming the norm worldwide. A survey of men’s views about femalescientists’ family and work/life balance was carried out at the University ofBenin, Nigeria. The study focused on male academics in science disciplines. Out of the 10 faculties in the University, 5, science-based faculties were sampled. These are the Faculties of Science, Pharmacy, Medicine, Dentistry and Agriculture. An instrument on family and work/life balance was administered to a sample of 200 male scientists. The result showed that men realize the fact that they need women scientists to complement their efforts. They also noted that there is conflict between the demands of a scientific career and raising up a young family. The effect of the prevailing work environment on female University scientists’ work/life balance, men’s views and establishment of a University gender policy were discussed.
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