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Title: Medicinal Plants in someLocal Markets in Benin City, Nigeria.
Osawaru, M
Orhue, E
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Ethnobotany
Series/Report no.: 17;118-122
Abstract: A survey was conducted in and around four major markets of Benin City (Edo State) in Nigeria for ethno-medicinal plants soldin the open weekly tribal market. Forty species were documented. Of these, 5 are used in malaria and fever, 3 in rheumatism, and 4 as pain relievers for different parts of the body, while others are used for miscellaneous purposes, such as skin infections, bad breath, dysentery, jaundice, constipation, piles, venereal diseases, typhoid fever and as purgatives. Buyers come from within and around Benin City. Traders depend on the proceeds for their livelihood; they sell animal parts also. Women constitute over 95% of the traders in these markets.
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