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Title: Matriculation Examination as a Predictor of Undergraduates’ Overall Grading in a Nigerian University
Authors: OGONOR, B.O.
Keywords: Matriculation Examination
Overall Grading
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Ajournal of the Commonwealth Council of Educational Administration and Management.
Series/Report no.: Vol 30;3
Abstract: The University of Benin is one of the most popularly sought for by candidates. With few faculties and departments at its inception in 1972, there are today 11 faculties, 57 departments and five Institutes. It is therefore appropriate to use the University of Benin to find out if the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Examinations could predict undergraduates’ final year performance. Eighthundred and two students who graduated during the period 1995/96, 1996/1997 and 1997/98 academic sessions in the humanities, science, law and accountancy formed the sample of this study. Simple percentage and Product Moment Correlation Coefficients were the statistical tools adopted for the analysis of data. The study prima facie revealed that the Joint Admissions and Matriculation examination was inversely related to undergraduates overall grading in the Nigerian University. The study also revealed among others thatover 50% of the undergraduates passed in second-class lower division irrespective of students’ score, in the matriculation examination. Secondly, first class performance was not restricted to the category of highest matriculation score. Among the recommendations is that evaluation experts should device a more appropriate entrance examination into Nigerian Universities.
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