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Title: Knowledge, Attitudes and Experiences of Sex Trafficking by Young Women in Benin City, South-South Nigeria
Kufre, Okop
Aghahowa, Eghosa
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Social Science and Medicine.
Series/Report no.: 59;1315-1327
Abstract: Benin City, the headquarters of Edo State, is known to have one of the highest rates of international sex trafficking ofyoung women in Nigeria. This study was designed to determine the knowledge, attitudes and experiences of young women in Benin City, towards international sex trafficking. A random household sample of 1456 women aged 15-25 years was interviewed with a structured questionnairethat elicited information on women’s experiences of, and attitudes towards international sex trafficking.The results indicate that 97.4% of the women have heard of international sex trafficking; 70% had female relatives who lived in the receiving countries of Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands; while 44.0% knew of someone who was currently engaged in sex work abroad. Women of poorer socio-economic status (being out-of-school, unemployed, parents uneducated and unemployed) were more likely to report having been offered assistance to travel abroad. Up to 81.5%of the women supported the notion that sex trafficking should be stopped, while 18.5% felt it should be allowed to continue. The perception that sex trafficking leads to wealth creation and economic gains for women was the most common reason proffered by those wanting the practice to continue. Bt contrast, the fear of adverse health consequences and the need to maintain social and religious morals were the reasons given by those wanting the practice to discontinue. These results suggest that programs that promote the economic well being ofwomen, and social advocacy focusing on harm reduction will be most helpful in reducing the rate of sex trafficking in Benin City.
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