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Title: (lagerheim) Hansgirg to brewery effluent Acta Botanica Hungarica
Authors: KADIRI, M.O.
Azomani, L.I.
Keywords: brewery effluent
Mesotaenium caldariorum
Issue Date: 2000
Series/Report no.: 42;
Abstract: The effect of nutrient enrichment on the growth of Mesotaenium caldariorum in brewery effluent was studied for 14 days. Three different sites namely “before” discharge of effluent (BD), point of discharge of effluent (PD) and “after” point of discharge of effluent (AD) as well as the effluent itself were used for the study. Nutrient spiking was done using 50 gl-1 NO3 + 100 gl-1 PO4. Growth was stimulated by 35.5% in BD + N, 55.4% in AD + N, 40.4% in AD and only 4.8% in PD + N. On the other hand, growth was suppressed by 36.1% in BD, 6.6% in PD and 35.5% each in effluent with or without nutrient.
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