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Title: ‘Management accounting and the environment: a green linkage
Authors: Egbon, Osamuyimen
Omoye, S.A
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Bayero International Journal of Accounting Research
Series/Report no.: 4;1
Abstract: Accounting plays a major role of information supply for decision making. Management accounting information assists management in making decision to ensure organizational competitive advantage. This article provides a linkage between management accounting and the environment. It seeks to amplify how management accounting is a useful tool in managing environmental impacts of corporate actions. The current strategic emphasis of management accounting makes it a veritable vehicle in the hands of management to reduce future resource intensity, waste, pollution, etc, through the application of emerging strategic architectures such as life-cycle costing, value chain analysis, among others. Greening the business is an internal process that any favourably contrived corporate reports about the environment cannot displace. It tends to lend credence to green purchasing, green production, investment in green technology, etc.
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