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Authors: ADEKUNLE, Simon Ayo
ODIA, O. Edith
Keywords: transport companies.
Complaint behaviour
service delivery
customer satisfaction
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Bayero Journal of Social and Management Studie
Series/Report no.: 14;2
Abstract: The study examines the nature of service delivery and customer satisfaction in the road transport industry in Benin City, Nigeria. Attempt was made to determine if customer satisfaction is determined by their demographics. It also investigates the nature of passengers’ complaint and how they were managed. A survey research design with the use of questionnaire was adopted to elicit the needed information for the study. The population of the study consists of all customers of the transport companies in Benin City, Nigeria. Questionnaires were administered to a sample of 200 respondents. Statistical tools including simple percentage, mean (satisfaction index), chi-square and analysis of variance (ANOVA) were employed for data analysis through the use of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). Findings from the study show that there is a significant relationship between respondents’ gender, and customer satisfaction. However, the relationship between educational qualification, marital status, age and customer satisfaction of the respondents is statistically insignificant at 5% level. Evidence from our study indicated moderate level of customer satisfaction with the services of the transport companies in Benin City. Based on the findings of the study, we therefore recommend that transport companies should continuously pay close attention in terms of training and paying of commensurate remunerations to drivers who play pivot role in customer satisfaction and company survival. Also, transport companies should develop strategies that would encourage passengers to speak up whenever they experience service failure and ensure that such complaints are promptly and professionally handled.
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