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Authors: IFEDILI, C.J.
Keywords: Ifedili, C.J
Omiunu, S
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: African Journal of Educational Research, Benin, City
Abstract: The paper looks at the professorial contacts with graduate students in Nigerian universities following the general complaints that professors who are supposed to mentor students hardly find time to meet their primary assign`ment which is teaching how much more mentoring. The professors are saddled with administrative work. They are always in one university’s committee or another solving the university’s problems. Once a lecturer is made a professor, he or she has less time for his students. The much desired quality time and quality lecture diminish. The students who would be full of hope to have a professor as the teacher in most cases end up with a junior lecturer due to unavailability of the professor. The professors themselves often wonder if these graduate students can be mentored due to their attitudes towards their studies and lack of due respect for their professors. There is need to promote mutual accountability so as to promote effective teaching and learning in Nigerian universities. Based on the above, the issues, problems and the way forward for promoting healthy relationship between the graduate students and the professors are discussed, so that the Nigerian .universities can produce the best graduates and the professors who have helped in achieving this can be properly rewarded
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