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Authors: IFEDILI, C.J
Keywords: HIV/AIDS
Post primary students
NigeriaResearch Article
Issue Date: Dec-2002
Publisher: Journal of College Medicine
Series/Report no.: Vol.7, No.2;pp 84 – 90
Abstract: HIV/AIDS awareness being an aspect of health, personal and social education is very important to every individual, especially the post primary secondary school students in Nigeria who are theleaders of tomorrow. This study therefore examined the rate of awareness of HIV/AIDS among post primary school students in Edo State of Nigeria. A stratified random sample of 4000 students participated in the study. The instrument used in collecting the data titled HIV/AIDS Awareness Inventory (HAAI) was tested and the Pearson Product Moment Correlation was 0.73. The final Spearman-Brown formula yielded 0.85 which showed that the instrument was reliable. The z-test and ANOVA were the statistical methods used. Major findings: - 1. 68% of male students as opposed to 81% of female students agreed that the disease could be transmitted only through sexual intercourse. 2. 97% of the students agreed that the disease carrier could easily be identified by sickly lean look. 3. 93% of female students who have had sexual intercourse agreed that their partners did not use condom. 4. 72% of the students have never had sexual intercourse while 87% were found not to be sexually active. Conclusion: The awareness of HIV/AIDS is so low inspite of all the efforts already put in by both the government and non-governmental agencies. The parents, teachers, politicians, community and religious leaders, and the mass media, should intensify the awareness of the disease at the grass root level
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