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Title: Knowledge, perception and attitude of infertile women in Benin City, Nigeria to the causation of infertility and in vitro fertilisation and embryo transfer
Authors: Aziken, M.E
Orhue, A.A.E
Kalu, O.O
Osemwemkha, P.A
Keywords: Infertility
Assisted Reproduction Technology
Adoption Knowledge
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Tropical Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Series/Report no.: vol 7;no 2
Abstract: BACKGROUND: The advent of assisted conception services has revolutionalized the management of couples with long standing infertility. However, ethical, religeous,cultural and moral factors may hamper acceptance of treatment. With increasing utilization of Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) in Nigeria, it is important to document views and feelings of the infertile couple to ART service in a public funded hospital. OBJECTIVE: To determine the Knowledge, perception and attitude of infertile women in Benin City to the causation of infertility and ART. METHODS: This was a questionnaire based survey of 178 infertile patients attending the Human Reasearch and Reproduction (HRRP) unit for the first time, with the aim of determining their knowledge, perception and attitude to ART.. RESULT: More of the respondents(62.5%) knew of the female causes of infertility than those (39.7%) who knew male causes. Majority of the respondents perceived the offsprings from IVF as normal(70.1%) and acceptable (71.9%). Slightly more than half of the respondents (50.2%) perceived the cost of IVF service as high. 24% would not accept IVF because of the cost and only 19% would accept adoption as a last resort CONCLUSION: This study has shown that there is need for further enlightenment of the populace on factors contributing to infertility and also on the complimentary role of ART and adoption in infertility management. We recommend more government involvement in the provision of affordable ART services in our setting
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