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Title: Acronyms, Clips and Blends in English: Nigerian Innovations
Authors: TEILANYO, Dirikon Iniebio
Issue Date: Sep-2002
Publisher: Nigerian Journal of the Humanities
Series/Report no.: No. 9;75-100
Abstract: Acronymy, clipping and blending are abbreviating devices in (written) languages and are particularly favoured in informal contexts. In this paper, we investigate these processes in English and discover that, while they have some basic morphological characteristics underlying their structures, there is also a significant degree of variation in the patterns of each process and there are several areas of convergence between them. This makes the patterns of formation as much attitudinal and “convenience-dependent as they are rule-governed. We also discover that these patterns of variation, inclusion and exclusion have given room to Nigerians to introduce some creative innovation in contrivance and use of these devices
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