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Title: he provision of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in West Africa
Authors: Ikhuoria, Isi A.
Issue Date: 1996
Publisher: In: 1971-1996: 25 Years of Cartography at ITC, Seminar Proceedings, Enschede, Netherlands
Series/Report no.: pp. 53-70.;
Abstract: The provision of geographical information systems (GIS), particularly as an intergra of digital cartographic principle in west Africa is evaluated by examining the professionalism and manpower issues, trends of cartographic and GIS education and training, usage of modern technology and dissemination of spatial information as well the regional co-operation. The study shows that the potential for the rapid growth, and recognition of the disciplinary and societal relevance of GIS in West Africa is indicated by the cartography, remote sensing, and GIS programmes being established in Nigerian and Ghanaian tertiary institutions, as well as the eminence of changes from analogue to digital mapping procedures in the public and petroleum oil organization.
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