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Title: The nature of environmental Quality: A critical assessment
Authors: Onaiwu, D.N.
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Journal of Environmental Sciences and Management.
Series/Report no.: 1, 1;99-109
Abstract: The assessment of the quality of environment has preoccupied man for a very long time. The problem became intense in recent times because of increasing population and the high pace of consumption of resources that have prompted deterioration in the conditions of environment. Environment is perceived as multifaceted leading to various perspectives from which it is viewed. The study reviews the various perspective of the environment based on objective and subjective view points and the laypersons’ and experts view on the environment. The study suggests a holistic view of the environment in order to stress the link between environmental quality and the quality of life. The study posits that environmental quality assessment can acts a p.vot in enhancing the quality and management of our settlements
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