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Title: Climate Change and Possible Incidence of Tsuamis in Coastal Areas of Edo State, Nigeria
Authors: Olorode, D. O.
Ikhile, C. I.
Keywords: Coastal region
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Ikogho–AMulti-Disciplinary Journal,University of Port Harcourt, PortHarcourt, Nigeria
Series/Report no.: 10 (1& 2);16-25
Abstract: Evidences of Tsunamis started as far back as 1788 with the large Aleutian Alaska tsunamis, similarly in 1883 during the Krakatua volcanic eruption that generated a destructive tsunami higher than 40m on the Indonesian Coast claiming more than 36,000 lives at a time. Up till now the stories about tsunamis only increased on the pages of our dailies. Records of scientists also show locally generated tsunamis due to earthquakes around the South-Western coasts of Mexico in 1995 and 2003. Nigeria is not excluded from possible tsunamis at its coastal regions like Lagos, Edo and Rivers States. There had been reports of earthquakes of small magnitudes generally referred to as land-tremors within some cities of Nigeria, especially in Ogun State. If these tremors occur at the coastal regions of our country, we are likely going to witness tsunamis, unless adequate mitigative measures are taken. This paper seeks to identify possible parameters that can be used as indicators of approaching tsunami, to warn people and also steps to take so as to avoid tsunamis. The coastal area of Edo state of Nigeria is the focus of this study. Temperature and rainfall data were collected from Federal Ministry of Aviation, Meteorological Services Department (FMAMS) in Oshodi, Lagos. Results showed that the earth atmospheric interactions coupled with continuous anthropogenic intervention may set up stresses in the coastal areas of Edo State. This can lead to the problem of Tsunamis in the area, if appropriate measures are not put in place for possible mitigation. Government of Nigeria must work hand in hand with International Organizations concerned with risks disasters and problems militating against our planet Earth. There must be constant monitoring of the coastal areas and adequate preparation to save lives anytime tsunami threatens
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