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Title: Sulphur-nitrogen-chloride conditions of some Tropical Streams
Authors: Ikhile, C. I.
Iyamu, F. O
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Benin Journal of Social Sciences, University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria
Series/Report no.: 20(1);137 –146.
Abstract: The seasonal variations of Sulphur-nitrate-chloride conditions of some tropical streams in S. W. Nigeria was investigated. The aim is to ascertain if there is any marked variation between the wet and dry seasons, front source to mouth, across the geologic units and different stream channels. Results show that sulphate and chloride increase from source to mouth and nitrate has no definite pattern of variation. Nitrate is generally low in all the streams and in the seasons. Orle River is the richest in sulphate content, Ojo River records the highest values in nitrate and chloride followed by Orle and Edion. Nitrate and sulphate are highest at the cretaceous sedimentary rock formations. Chloride shows a significant variation between the wet and dry seasons, being more abundant in the wet season and decreasing in the dry season. Sulphate and nitrate increase in the dry season and decrease in the wet season
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