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Title: Land Degradation and Surface Water Quality in Orle River Basin
Authors: Ikhile, C. I.
Aderogba, K. A.
Keywords: Degradation
soil and water quality
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Management Science Review (MSR), University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria.
Series/Report no.: 2(1&2);65-73
Abstract: Land degradation vis-à-vis surface water quality of One River Basin, Edo State, Nigeria was investigated. The study is confined to the major cations (N0+, K+, Ca++, and Mg++), anion (PO 4 =)wand hydrogen-ion concentration (pH). Three areas, Sobe Ogbe, Auchi and Odame whose land use types are similar but with differing intensities of use (cropping, general cultivation, and quarrying) were selected. Sampling was carried out at three separate times of the year (March, April and June) for soil samples. Water samples were collected at two weekly intervals for eight (8) months, beginning from November 1987 and ending in June 1988 in the same locations as for soil samples. The elements have different effects on water quality. Calcium and magnesium cause water hardness. The bicarbonates, carbonates and hydroxide compounds of calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium usually cause alkalinity in water The water of the basin is of poor quality generally. The quality is lowest at Sebe Ogbe
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