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Title: Changing rainfall and anthropogenic-induced flooding: impacts and adaptation strategies in Benin City, Nigeria
Authors: Atedhor, G.O.
Odjugo, P.A.O.
Uriri, A.E.
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Journal of Geography and Regional Planning
Series/Report no.: Vol. 4 (1);42-52
Abstract: Monthly air temperature and rainfall data of Benin City for 69 years (1941-2009) were collected from the archives of the Nigerian Meteorological Agency, Lagos. Mean annual temperatures, rainfall and standardized anomalies were computed and graphically depicted. A total of 200 structured questionnaires and field observation were designed to collect data on the causal factors and impacts of flooding as well as the adaptation strategies by people in 5 selected flood areas in the city. The results show evidence of global warming around 1978 with a corresponding above normal rainfall, particularly since 1988. The perceived causes of flooding in the selected flood areas are mainly increasing rainstorms, obstruction and absence of drainage systems, disruption of socio-economic activities, loss of properties, inaccessibility and reduction of the aesthetic quality of the environment largely form the impacts of flooding. The adaptive measures in place include emigration, construction of wooden bridges and elevated shops, embankments, construction of raised pedestrian ways with old vehicle tires filled with sand, use of netted doors, windows and rubber footwear. The need for appropriate drainage channels in Benin City is recommended as more lasting solution
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