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Title: Administrative T ools for Enhancing Teacher/Counsellor Productivity
Authors: Ijeoma, M. E.
Alutu, A. N. G.
Issue Date: Sep-2003
Publisher: Proceedings of National Conference organized by Institute of Education UNIBEN
Abstract: This paper sets out to discuss some administrative tools which should be used by school administrators to enhance teachers’ and counselors’ productivity in the secondary school system in order to improve the general tone and standard of the school. The administrator utilizes the human and material resources in aneffective manner to achieve the expected goals of the establishment. In doing this, he delegates authority and poser to his subordinates and monitors by supervision for efficiency. Vital records are kept by the administrators, teachers and counselors which are used to appraise individual teachers and students progress in the teaching and learning process. Orientation service is another important administrative tool used to ensure easy adaptation of individuals in their new setting and thereby enhance productivity and maintenance of high standards. This paper therefore, discusses administrative tools of delegation, supervision, record keeping and orientation service as very important in maintaining standards in our educational system
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