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Title: A new approach for the design of feedback control systems by the Bode Method
Authors: IBHADODE, A.O.A.
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Series/Report no.: Vol.4, No.1;Pp.26 – 35
Abstract: A design procedure based on the method of using inequalities in the determination of compensation parameters by the Bode Method is presented. The procedure enables exact design specifications on error constants Kp, Kv, Ka, gain crossover frequency w1, and phase margin to be met. With these specifications, the procedure gives the conditions under which a lead, lag, lag-lead network can be used to compensate a system. The method shows that at certain values of error constants and gain crossover frequency, it is not theoretically possible to compensate feedback control systems with the simple lead, lag, and lag-lead networks. The design procedure is illustrated with worked examples.
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