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Title: A case-control study of risk factors for male infertility in Nigeria
Authors: Okonofua, Friday
Menakaya, Uche
Onemu, S.O
Omo-Aghoja, L.O
Bergststrom, Staffan
Keywords: male infertility
semen analysis
genital infection
risk factor
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Asian J Androl
Series/Report no.: 7 (4);351-361
Abstract: Aim: To evaluate the association between selected potential socio-demographic and behavioral risk factors and infertility in Nigerian men. Methods:There were two groups in this study. One group consisted of 150 men with proven male infertility, and the other consisted of 150 fertile men with normal semen parameters.Both were matched for age, place of residence and key socio-demographic variables. They were compared for sexual history, past medical and surgical history, past exposures to sexually transmitted infections and treatment, past and current use of drug as well as smoking and alcohol intake history. Results:Infertile men were significantly more likely than fertile men to report having experienced penile discharge, painful micturition and genital ulcers. Less likely to seek treatment for these symptoms and more likely to seek treatment with informal sector providers. Multivariate analysis showed that male infertility was significantly associated with bacteria in semen cultures, self-reporting of previous use of traditional medications and moderate to heavy alcohol intake, butnot with smoking and occupational types. Conclusions:Infertility is associated with various proxies of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and poor healthcare-seeking behavior for STIs in Nigerian men.
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