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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010The Accessibility and Reliability of Water Sources in Benin City Metropolis: A Case Study of Uselu Quarters, Benin City, NigeriaIkhile, C. I.
2007Application of Geographic Information System (GIS) to the study of landuse changes in the Osse-Ossiomo River Basin, Edo State, NigeriaIkhile, C. I.
2012Climate Change and Possible Incidence of Tsuamis in Coastal Areas of Edo State, NigeriaOlorode, D. O.; Ikhile, C. I.
2009Climate Change Impacts: A Case Study of Flooding in Benin River Basin, NigeriaIkhile, C. I.; Aifesehi, P. E.E
2004Downstream Variation in Water Quality of Orle River, Edo StateIkhile, C. I.
2003Effects of Climate Change on Irrigation Activities: A Case Study of the Benin-Owena River Basin Irrigation ProjectsIkhile, C. I.; Ikhile, G. U.
2012An Examination of Peoples’ Awareness and Response to Environmental Pollution in Benin Municipality, NigeriaIkhile, C. I.
2004The Impacts of Climatic Conditions and Tapping Time on the Yield of Rubber (havea braziliensis) in Mid-Western NigeriaOdjugo, P. A. O.; Ikhile, C. I.
2009Land Degradation and Surface Water Quality in Orle River BasinIkhile, C. I.; Aderogba, K. A.
2012Rainfall Variability in Sections of the Benin-Owena River Basin, Nigeria and its Implication for Rain-fed AgricultureIkhile, C. I.; Aifesehi, P. E. E.
2002Seasonal Variation and Environmental Impacts of Polyethylene (Cellophane) Generation and Disposal in Benin City, NigeriaOdjugo, P. A. O.; Ikhile, C. I.
2010Seasonal Variation in Water Quality of Orle River Basin, S.W. NigeriaIkhile, C. I.
2011Spatial Pattern of Pollution in Orle River Basin, S.W.NigeriaIkhile, C. I.
2012Sulphur-nitrogen-chloride conditions of some Tropical StreamsIkhile, C. I.; Iyamu, F. O
2009Temperature-Oxygen Regimes of SomeTropical Steams in South-Western NigeriaIkhile, C. I.; Akhionbare, S.M.O
2009Weather and Constant Plane Crash in NigeriaIkhile, C. I.; Olorode, D. O.