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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Agricultural adaptation strategies to climate change in some selected rural settlements in Kaduna State, NigeriaAtedhor, G.O.
2015Agricultural vulnerability to climate change in Sokoto State, Nigeria, African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and DevelopmentAtedhor, G.O.
2012Assessment of some Micro-Organisms and Physico-Chemical Properties of Floodwaters in some major Streets in Benin City, NigeriaAtedhor, G.O.; Orobator, P.O.
2012Assessment of some Physico-Chemical Properties of Floodwaters in some selected Streets in Benin City, Nigeria.Atedhor, G.O.; Orobator, P.O.
2011Changing rainfall and anthropogenic-induced flooding: impacts and adaptation strategies in Benin City, NigeriaAtedhor, G.O.; Odjugo, P.A.O.; Uriri, A.E.
2009Climate Change and Global Warming: Issues and Problems in NigeriaAtedhor, G.O.
2005The effects of climate on commercial activities in southern NigeriaOdjugo, P.A.O.; Atedhor, G.O.
2014Growing season rainfall trends and drought intensity in the Sudano-Sahelian Region of NigeriaAtedhor, G.O.
2012Growth and Yield Responses of Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) to Microclimatic Modifications in Benin City, NigeriaAtedhor, G.O.; Odjugo, P.A.O.
2012Heavy metals contaminations in some selected dumpsites in Benin City, NigeriaAtedhor, G.O.
2012Rainfall dynamics and drought intensities in North-Western Nigeria,Atedhor, G.O.; Odjugo, P.A.O.
2009Rainfall trends in the coastal belt of Nigeria (1916-2007)Atedhor, G.O.